October 14, 2015

3DR Solo Prop Guards and LED Lights by PolarPro

PolarPro announced two new accessories for the 3DR Solo drone; a set of propeller guards and LED lights. PolarPro, the leading manufacture of drone filters and accessories is the first in the industry to produce both, the Prop Guards, as well as the LED lights for the 3DR Solo. The two new products fall right in line with PolarPro’s other innovative drone accessories and filters.

3DR SOLO Prop Guard

The 3DR Solo Prop Guards are constructed out of glass filled nylon for added strength and rigidity. PolarPro gave the propeller guards an aggressive design to match the bold look of the 3DR solo. The aerodynamic design of the guards leave the Solo’s flight characteristics unchanged and do not effect lift or agility during flight. “After hitting a few trees, breaking propellers, and having the Solo free fall to the ground, we decided it would be cool to have some prop guards. So we made some, and made them really cool looking,” said PolarPro’s CEO and chief pilot Jeff Overall.

3DR Solo Prop Guard PolarPro

The PolarPro Solo Prop Guards are a great way to protect the aircraft during flight. If the propeller hits anything during flight and breaks, the Solo will come crashing to the ground. Since these prop guards extend out past the blades, they prevent anything from coming into direct contact with the blades during flight. This is especially helpful when flying in tight areas, with a lot of trees or obstacles around. The Prop Guards are great way to add an element of safety while flying, protecting the fast moving blades from hitting anything or anyone.

3DR Solo Propellor Guard

Each Prop Guard for the 3DR Solo quickly installs and removes with secure Snap-On design. The Snap-On installation makes it easy to quickly pack up your Solo and travel without having to unscrew anything.


The second accessory is the LED headlight and taillight for the 3DR Solo. The bright LED lights mount onto the Solo with a simple push-on design to quickly remove or install the lights. The white LED headlight allows pilots to tell which way the drone is facing when it is far away in the air. “This is my new favorite accessory to fly, I can tell exactly which way the drone is facing at all times, eliminating any costly maneuvers,” says PolarPro junior pilot Scotty Pike. The red LED taillight shows the pilot when the 3DR solo is facing away from them.

3DR Solo LED Headlight

The lights are the first accessory available which run off the Solo’s accessory port and supply’s power to the LED lights. This saves extra weight without having to add an additional battery. These bright LED lights are perfect for flying the Solo in low light conditions where the drone is difficult to see. Whether increasing visibility, or trying to customize the look of your 3DR Solo these lights are the perfect accessory.3DR Solo LED Light