January 22, 2018

5 Best DJI Mavic Air Accessories

Here are the 5 Best DJI Mavic Air Accessories that will help you enhance video/image quality, or just make flying more fun.  The DJI Mavic Air features a powerful camera capable of capturing insanely clean 100MBPS 4K video footage.  Capturing new aerial perspectives is inherently easy with this powerful compact drone.  Here are our favorite DJI Mavic Air Accessories to maximize your new drone’s potential:


  1. Mavic Air Filters

Everyone talks about DJI Mavic Air filters, but what do they actually do? Many aerial videographers like to shoot with their shutter speed at double that of their frame rate.  This cinematography principle is referred to as the 180 degree shutter rule.  At this shutter speed to frame rate ratio, each video frame will blend together smoothly, leaving you with videos looking like they were meant for the big screen.


Now that you know what you are trying to accomplish while shooting, here is where the DJI Mavic Air Filters come in.  When shooting outdoors, you will notice your shutter speed is often way over the double frame rate to shutter speed ratio.  The only way to reduce shutter speed to double your frame rate is to place a Neutral Density filter in front of the camera.  This will trick the camera into lowering the shutter speed to cinematic levels.

Confused yet? It can be a little overwhelming, so PolarPro developed an app to help you calculate which filter to use each time you shoot.


DJI Mavic Air Accessories


There are a lot of DJI Mavic Air Filters to choose from, here are the differences:





Cinema Series (Gold Color Frame): PolarPro’s Production-grade glass has a very low refractive index, with 8-layers of precision AR (anti-reflective) and anti-scratch coatings for pilots who demand the best image quality.

Standard Series (Gunmetal Color Frame): PolarPro’s Standard HD glass provides enhanced image clarity at an outstanding value.

ND Filters: Single element, straight Neutral Density filters reduce shutter speed to cinematic levels.  Straight ND filters do not affect the Mavic Air’s color profile.

ND/PL Filters: Single element, hybrid Mavic Air Neutral Density / Polarizer filters reduce shutter speed and also reduce glare, enhancing color saturation and contrast.  These are favored by pilots looking to make colors pop.

The most popular DJI Mavic Air Filter sets we sell are both 6-Packs (Cinema Series and Standard Series) which include ND and ND/PL filters.  Each 6-Pack will cover almost any lighting condition you will face, from dawn to dusk.


  1. DJI Mavic Air- Landing Gear



One thing you will notice about your new DJI Mavic Air is that it sits flat on the ground. This is great for portability, however makes it challenging to take off on uneven surfaces, and also puts the camera a little too close to the ground for our liking. These DJI Mavic Air Leg Extensions will raise the camera 1.35 inches off the ground keeping it away from the dust, dirt and sand.  There are few things worse than watching your props blow sand up right into your brand new gimbal and camera.  Another reason why we like the Landing Gear is that it allows you to take off from uneven surfaces with ease. The PolarPro DJI Mavic Air Landing Gear presses onto each arm, allowing you to quickly install or remove them for optimal portability.



  1. DJI Mavic Air Case



Yes the DJI Mavic Air is uber portable, but what is the best way to carry it around? No doubt, there are many options to choose from.  The PolarPro DJI Mavic Air case is compact and will fit into any backpack or pack.  We like it because it’s custom molded to the drone and takes up zero excess space.  The case holds pretty much anything you will need: Mavic Air, Remote, Charger, Filters, Cables, and 4 total batteries, making this one of our favorite DJI Mavic Accessories.  For those pilots who purchased the fly-more combo PolarPro offers a more rugged case option.  The PolarPro Foam Case (name TBD) is a little larger than the soft case, but features a custom molded foam lining that provides more protection than you will ever need.  The Foam Case fits 5 batteries, drone, remote, charger, cables, filters, and will take a beating while keeping your gear safe.  Whichever DJI Mavic Air case you choose from PolarPro, we are sure you will be happy.


  1. DJI Mavic Air – Phone Mount

Do you have a case on your phone? Well, get used to taking off every time you want to fly your new Mavic Air.  Most cases will not fit inside the remote mount, so off comes the case, and that can get annoying.  PolarPro’s Phone Mount quickly snaps onto the Mavic Air remote and allows you to keep your beloved case installed.  Another thing we like about this Mavic Air accessory is the position above the remote that it mounts your phone in; it seems to be in a more comfortable location without having to bend your neck down.  The mount also folds down nicely to fit in your bag.  If you are shooting with a Tablet we recommend this mount, or the DJI CrystalSky monitor, this mount.


  1. The Katana

DJI Mavic Air Accessories

Yeah, you bought a drone to fly, but what if you want to use that 4K camera and gimbal on the ground? This is one of our favorite DJI Mavic Air Accessories because it enables you to use your drone on the ground.  If you are traveling through scenic no-fly zones and want to add some ground footage to your edit, unsheathe the Katana and capture perfectly smooth video.  The Katana also enables you to reduce the amount of gear you pack.  You can leave the other ground cameras at home and only worry about managing one set of batteries, memory, filters, and reduce the gear load.  Katana includes a phone mount allowing you to frame up your shots perfectly.  Users can choose the Katana or Katana Pro which includes a T-Grip for low-angle shooting.

These 5 DJI Mavic Air Accessories will get you more excited to shoot and also enhance your image/video quality.  For a full list of accessories Designed by Adventure, for Adventure, check out our website: