September 09, 2014

All New Hero3+ Switchblade Red/Macro Accessory

Newport Beach, CA- (Oct. 24, 2013) Following the release of the Red/Macro Combo, Polar Pro has announced an all glass version including a more powerful macro lens. The new combo, called the Switchblade, is part of the new Aqua filter line launching Mid to late December. The Switchblade3 and Switchblade3+ feature a glass red and a much more powerful glass Macro lens.

The Switchblade 3 and Switchblade 3+ are perfect for all scuba divers who want to capture the most creative, sharp videos possible. The red glass filter color corrects in blue and tropical water, while the macro lens enables razor sharp close ups of aquatic life. Both the filter and the macro swing on and off, giving users ultimate versatility. The whole unit mounts securely to GoPro’s waterproof housing.

The 2.2X macro lens offers great magnification and macro effect. By reducing the camera’s focal point, users are now able to capture sharp images as close as three inches away from the lens, underwater. The Switchblade enables divers to capture completely new perspectives with their Hero 3 and Hero 3+, and the ability to capture detailed close-ups.

The Ultimate 3 in 1 GoPro Dive combo. The red filter and the macro lens both swing out of the way allowing the user to film with: Only the Red Filter, Only the Macro Lens, Both the Red and Macro lens, or no filter and no lens. All of this while the unit is still attached to the camera.

The Switchblade3+ (hero3+ version) snugly slides on and off of the Housing for quick installation and removal.

The Switchblade 3 and Switchblade 3+ will be available to customers for $59.99, and will be available at your local dive shops and online at

Polar Pro Filters specializes in the manufacturing of filter and lens accessories for action sport cameras. The company was started at the University of California, Santa Barbra, and has established permanent headquarters in Newport Beach, California. For images and more information on Polar Pro Filters contact [email protected] or visit

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