November 13, 2017

Best DJI Spark Accessories to Enhance Video Quality

PolarPro DJI Spark Accessories and Filters

Capture Perfection with PolarPro’s new line of DJI Spark Accessories and Filters, ranging from Cinema Series filters for smooth cinematic compositions, a foldable Phone Mount, Landing Gear, a Mini and XL travel case, Remote Lock, Gimbal Lock/Lens Cover, Skeleton Mount, Katana Tray, and Helios Cinematic Light Effects software.  With so many options to enhance your aerial filming experience, there’s every reason to be excited about your little Spark.

Spark Cinema Series Vivid Collection – $79.99

DJI Spark Filters

PolarPro’s Cinema Series Vivid Collection for Spark includes rotatable ND4/PL, ND8/PL, and ND16/PL filters, featuring PolarPro Cinema Series production grade glass with anti-reflective (AR) coatings.  Cinema Series filters are guaranteed to have the lowest refractive index and highest light transmission of any drone filters on the market.

Spark Cinema Series filters feature PolarPro’s easy to use press-on design for quick installation and removal, where each precision-engineered filter can be left on during startup and shutdown without gimbal interference.  Built to last, PolarPro’s AirFrame™ aircraft aluminum frame construction is lightweight yet durable.

The Cinema Series Vivid Collection is the optimal filter 3-pack for reducing glare and incident light, improving color saturation and creating smooth cinematic compositions with your Spark.

Spark Prime Filter 3-Pack – $49.99

Best DJI Spark Filters

For first timers to everyday pilots, PolarPro’s Spark Prime filter set offers three simple to use press-fit filters to help improve your overall image composition, whether shooting videos or photos, and at an economical price.  The Spark Prime 3-Pack includes a fixed Polarizer for reducing glare and incident light in low light conditions, and 3 stop ND8 filter and 4 stop ND16 filter for reducing glare in brighter scenarios throughout the day.

Prime filters are crafted using PolarPro’s HD glass for razor sharp clarity and feature PolarPro’s AirFrame aircraft-grade aluminum frame construction for flawless gimbal operation and a lifetime of dependability.

Like Cinema Series filters, PolarPro’s Prime filters are designed to be installed prior to gimbal initialization and can be left on during shutdown.  Prime (and Cinema Series) filters are also compatible with PolarPro’s Gimbal Lock/ Lens Cover for lens and gimbal protection during transport and storage.

Spark Gimbal Lock / Lens Cover – $19.99

DJI Spark Lens Cover

Constructed out of PolarPro’s durable glass-filled nylon with a protective rubber coating, the Spark Gimbal Lock / Lens Cover secures and protects the sensitive gimbal camera unit against stress from all sides during transportation and storage.

PolarPro’s press-fit design makes the Gimbal Lock / Lens Cover easy to install and remove from the Spark, and like all of PolarPro’s products, is backed by a lifetime guarantee.  It’ll probably outlast your drone.

Spark Landing Gear – $24.99

DJI Spark Landing Gear

The Spark Landing Gear raises the camera 0.75 inches off the ground to keep the sensitive gimbal and camera further from away from dust, dirt, sand and other debris.  This added clearance also allows the Spark take off in grass and foliage over an inch tall where the props would normally catch on that longer stuff.

PolarPro’s press-fit design makes the Landing Gear easy to install and remove, and durable glass-filled nylon frame construction absorbs most of the brunt in the event of a rough or emergency landing.  Another benefit of the added clearance that the Landing Gear provides is that it makes the Spark easier to hand launch and catch, creating a larger buffer zone between your five digits and the Spark props.

Spark Phone Mount – $29.99

DJI Spark Phone Mount

Unlike the stock phone mount arms that fold out on the bottom of the remote controller, PolarPro’s Spark Phone Mount allows pilots to leave their phone in a protective phone case (up to iPhone 8 Plus) for security and convenience.  PolarPro also offers a 10-inch cable for connecting your phone to the remote.

Secure snap-on installation for quick setup combined with the ability to leave your phone in its case makes the Spark Mount just as easy to use as the stock remote mount, with improved durability for daily use.  Constructed out of PolarPro’s durable glass-filled nylon.

Spark Remote Lock – $24.99

DJI Spark Remote Lock

Compatible with both the DJI Spark or Mavic remote controller, PolarPro’s Remote Lock protects the remote controller joysticks during transit and storage by locking them in place.

Constructed out of durable glass-filled nylon with two rubber over-mold sections that protect the top section of the thumbstick, the Remote Lock features PolarPro’s secure press-on installation for quick access to and packing up of your Spark remote controller.

Spark Skeleton Mount – $29.99

Using PolarPro’s quick-release clamping system, the Spark is locked into the Spark Mount at the prop heads, and PolarPro’s glass-filled nylon construction protects both the Spark frame and propellers from damage, and includes a carabiner clip giving you the option to throw your Spark  in your bag or clip it to the outside for quick access. A lightweight alternative to lugging around a case.

Spark Katana Tray – $49.99

PolarPro’s Katana tray system enables you to use your Spark as a cinematic ground camera for every-day filming.  Katana allows you to harness the power of the Spark gimbal camera for handheld filming in tight places, no-fly and quiet zones, or nearly any improvised scene on the ground.

Katana allows you to travel light by enabling you to use the Spark like a compact DSLR, to capture both stellar aerial shots and smooth handheld footage.  Using just the Spark for your project lets you match your shots easier in post production, streamlining workflow and reducing camera workload.

Featuring a soft touch, non-slip rubber coating, the Katana harness fits comfortably in your hands.  PolarPro’s glass-filled nylon frame construction ensures the tray is rock solid to secure your Spark, but also light enough for smooth panning and follow-cam operation.

Spark Case – Mini – $24.99

PolarPro’s smaller travel case option, the Spark Case Mini is a molded soft case specifically designed for the DJI Spark with a compact form factor that makes it easy to carry alone or stuff inside a camera bag or backpack.

With the built-in carabiner loop, PolarPro also gives you the option of attaching the bag to the outside of your bag.  The Mini size fits the Spark with propellers attached plus room for two spare batteries.

Dimensions: 170mm (L) x 170mm (W) x 56mm (H)

Spark Case – XL – $34.99

DJI Spark Case

PolarPro’s Spark Case XL custom molded case to protects the Spark with room for a remote controller, two batteries, charger and hub, prop-guards, extra propellers and filters.  PolarPro’s larger case for the Spark features reconfigurable dividers that for different drone-carrying configurations.

Like the Spark Case Mini, the contoured design of the XL profile fits easily in any backpack, featuring a carabiner loop for attaching the case to the outside of other luggage. The XL model also features a top handle to be carried on it’s own.

Dimensions: 226mm (W) x 329mm (L) x 91mm (H)

Spark Helios – Cinematic Light Effects – $29.99

PolarPro’s latest studio software offering, the Helios Cinematic Light Effects pack offers a wide range of 4K elements that when applied to your content provide a refined production-quality look.  PolarPro’s Spark Helios package is tailored to the specs of the Spark camera sensor.

Helios includes 32 easy to use drag-and-drop effects including 8 organic light leaks, 11 lens flares and 13 light leads/transitions in a variety of colors and styles to fit the mood of your Spark project.  Each effect is customizable using different blending modes, layering and time remapping within your editing software.

Whether looking for the added warmth of a lens flare or an organic light lead to help transition the viewer to the next scene, Helios for Spark brings stylistic looks and professional flare to your post-production workflow.

Optimize your Spark to its full potential with PolarPro’s new line of filters, accessories and software, helping you create unique video content for next-level productions, for an immersive cinematic Spark experience.  As always, PolarPro’s products are backed by US based support and a lifetime quality guarantee.