July 16, 2015

Best GoPro Hero 4 Session Accessories

PolarPro a leading manufacture of accessories for GoPro Cameras and drones announces compatibility with the Hero4 Session Camera. PolarPro put the Hero4 Session through the ringer this week in Newport Beach, CA. While video resolution is not as high as preferred, the mount ability and sleek low profile look of this camera make up for it. It’s a cool little camera for tossing in your car, backpack, or pocket and capturing your every day adventures. The PolarPro accessory range for the Hero4 Session compliment its sleek low profile look. The four most useful accessories for the Session are:

Hero4 Session StrapMount BackPack Mount $29.99

GoPro Hero4 Session BackPack Mount


The StrapMount allows you to securely mount the Session to any backpack, scuba bdc, PFD, or strap, while also maintaining a sleek low profile look. With the StrapMount you will no longer have to wear the attention grabbling head strap or chest mount. Quickly mount the StrapMount to your backpack strap, hit record, and record hands-free POV video without turning any heads. For even more style points mount it on a black strap and get an ultra low profile look.

Hero4 Session Floating Remote Grip-ProGrip $29.99

GoPro Hero4 Session Floating Grip


The ProGrip is the go-to floating grip for the Hero4 Session. Waterproof storage to keep your most important things dry, a sleek mount for the GoPro SmartRemote, and a durable rubber grip with aggressive lines to match the Session, ProGrip is the perfect pairing for the Hero4 Session. Eject the top section off for an ultra compact 2 inch grip that fits perfectly in your pocket. Take the Hero4 Sessions Grip with you on your next adventure.

Hero4 Session Mountable Grip $49.99

GoPro Hero4 Session Mountable Grip


The PolarPro Combo allows you to mount your new Session onto any backpack, PFD, or strap for convenient hands free storage. The quick release plate allows you to instantly grab the grip to start filming. Perfect for hiking, sightseeing, and kayaking, the Combo enables you to grab the camera when you want, and then lock it back onto the strap when you need both hands. The Combo keeps the GoPro Hero4 Session readily available instead of being stashed in your pack, or having to hold it the whole time. As a bonus both the StrapMount and ProGrip can be used independently, 3 products in 1.

Hero4 Session Pole $49.99

GoPro Hero 4 Session Pole


The NoShow is the perfect Pole for the Hero4 Session. Matching the low profile discrete black color scheme of the Session perfectly, the NoShow is designed to avoid drawing excess attention while filming. Extending from 14 to 38 inches the Hero4 Session Pole allows you to capture all of the action, and then pack away easily. Included is the extension tip, which elevates the Session camera above the pole. This reduces the amount of pole in each shot enabling you to capture less of the pole and more of the action.

While the GoPro Hero4 Session may not be the 4K powerhouse that the Hero4 Black is, it certainly travels easy, does not draw attention, and lets you capture angles otherwise un-attainable. Click here for all Hero4 Session Accessories from PolarPro.