October 03, 2016

Best GoPro Hero5 Filters for capturing epic content

PolarPro’s line of GoPro Hero5 filters is designed to help improve image and video quality for enthusiasts trying to capture perfection. The new line of GoPro Hero5 Filters features a simple press-on installation for quickly adding or removing filters on the go. Being the 5th generation of GoPro filters, PolarPro has dialed in the manufacturing process and design to make this line of GoPro Hero5 filters the slimmest and most organic looking to date. In addition to their streamlined appearance, the filters perform flawlessly; helping Hero5 users capture the best quality content possible.

GoPro Hero5 Polarizer Filter
The GoPro Hero5 Polarizer filter is the most versatile filter in the lineup. The Polarizer can be used in almost any outdoor condition to help increase color saturation and reduce glare, even on cloudy days. The Polarizer Filter seamlessly presses onto the Hero5 Lens, once installed the organic design ensures a low key appearance. The polarizer helps make colors look more vibrant in-camera so you don’t have to push saturation as much in post, which can degrade image quality. The GoPro Hero5 Polarizer Filter is constructed out of PolarPro’s HD glass ensuring a crystal clear image every time. The Polarizer is simple to use and a helpful tool in capturing epic content.gopro-hero5-polarizer-filter-polarpro

GoPro Hero5 Red Filter
The next filter in the line is for our subterranean Hero5 users out there. The GoPro Hero5 Red filter helps capture vibrant underwater colors while scuba diving in blue or tropical waters. The GoPro Hero5 needs a little help capturing true colors underwater and the Red filter is the perfect aid. The GoPro Hero5 Red Filter allows the camera to record beautiful colors right to the SD card and not have to worry about editing in post-production. The Red Filter for the Hero5 uses PolarPro’s proprietary red color formula, which is engineered specifically for the GoPro camera. 5 years of manufacturing underwater filters for the GoPro have led us to our most advanced and optically pure lens to date. Constructed out of an optical polycarbonate/lexan blend the filter is nearly indestructible and has optical properties similar to glass. Before you take your new camera scuba diving be sure to pick up a Red Filter and capture vibrant underwater colors.

GoPro Hero5 Neutral Density Filter
For the aspiring film-maker, the Hero5 Neutral Density filter helps lower the camera’s shutter speed creating a smooth cinematic look. The GoPro Hero5 has a natively high shutter speed due to the large 2.8 aperture, this means video is very sharp a rarely will have a motion-blur found in cinema. The only way to lower to the shutter speed is with a neutral density filter. The GoPro Hero5 ND Filter will soften moving subjects and give your videos a smoother cinematic look. The ND8 filter for the Hero5 is the perfect tool to help videographers capture smooth cinematic videos.
GoPro Hero5 Snorkel Filter
Going Snorkeling on your next trip? Be sure to grab a GoPro Hero5 Snorkel filter to help capture vibrant reef colors. The Snorkel Filter for the Hero5 helps boost underwater colors without having to color correct on the computer. This filter works best for filming in tropical water from 2 to 20 feet deep. Simply press it on and dive under for some epic turtle and shallow reef shots. The Closer you get to fish, or the reef the better the colors will look with this filter. The Snorkel Filter is available for the Hero5 Black or the SuperSuit housing. Before your next vacation make sure you have a snorkel filter in your bag to capture bright underwater colors.gopro-hero5-snorkel-filter
GoPro Hero5 Magenta Filter
The GoPro Hero5 Magenta Filter was made specifically for freshwater and green-water scuba divers. The PolarPro Magenta Filter does a fantastic job at removing excess greens and leaves behind a natural color profile. PolarPro’s Magenta color formula has been dialed in perfectly for the Hero5, so even if the visibility is horrible, your video will not be overly saturated with green. The Magenta Filter for the Hero5 presses right onto the SuperSuit housing for diving down to 75 feet. Each PolarPro filter is built to last and backed by a lifetime warranty.gopro-hero5-magenta-filter-polarpro

GoPro Hero5 Macro Lens
Looking to capture razor sharp images or videos of close subjects? The GoPro Hero5 Macro lens reduces the camera’s focal range allowing it to focus on objects from 6 to 13 inches away from the camera lens. This means all the focus will be on your close up subject creating a unique and creative angle not possible without the Macro Lens. Trying to capture detail of a small object? Simply press on the Hero5 Macro lens and get up close to your subject and snap away. The Macro will reveal the fine details of your subject and blur the background putting an emphasis on your focal point. The Macro Lens will probably not be used on a daily basis but it is a fantastic tool for Hero5 users trying to capture never before seen content.gopro-hero5-macro-lens-polarpro

GoPro Hero5 Switchblade5
Quite possibly the most fun filter and lens combo to film with underwater, the Switchblade5 features a built in Red Filter, and a removable macro lens for capturing detailed close ups. The Switchblade5 is the 5th generation of the Switchblade and is designed and built stronger than ever. The Red Filter provides permanent color correction for diving in Blue or Tropical water, while the Macro can be used to capture razor sharp close ups of fish or small reef critters. The Macro is designed to swing out of the way when not in use for maximizing utility. Backed by a lifetime guarantee the Switchblade5 ensures you will capture years of vibrant, tropical images and video.gopro-hero5-switchblade-polarpro

GoPro Hero5 Gradient ND Filter
A new addition to the Hero5 filter line this year is the Gradient Neutral Density filter. This filter helps balance exposure between the bright sky and a darker ground. The top half of the Hero5 Gradient Filter helps darken the sky while the clear bottom portion allows the darker ground to be properly exposed. The ND-GR filter can be a little tricky to use, but once you get the hang of it, it can create some epic sunset shots that your followers have never seen before. With a little patience and practice the ND-GR can become the most useful sunset tool in your bag.gopro-hero5-gradient-filter

All of our filters are purpose-built to help your capture perfection with your GoPro Hero5 camera. If you are trying to improve image quality and take your content to the next level our filters will help you do just that. Backed by a lifetime warranty our products are all built to last and withstand your toughest adventures. If you have any questions on which filters will help you please email us at: [email protected]