September 30, 2017

Best GoPro Hero6 Accessories to Capture Epic Content

Best GoPro Hero6 Accessories to Capture Epic Content

PolarPro is pleased to announce filters and technical camera solutions that make filming with the new GoPro Hero6 Black a breeze.  For the last 6 years, PolarPro has designed camera products that inspire people to get out, explore the world and capture perfection.

PolarPro’s new line of GoPro Hero6 accessories delivers on the company’s motto “design by adventure, for adventure,” and ranges from industry-leading Cinema Series filters and consumer grade filters to technical camera solutions like the StrapMount system, Denali travel case, Yukon grip, and portable Trippler grip/tripod system, covering your Hero6 base on land, air and sea.

  1. Cinema Series 3-Pack – GoPro Hero6 Filters – $99.99
  2. GoPro Hero6 Filter Venture 3-Pack – $49.99
  3. GoPro Hero6 Filter Aqua 3-Pack – $49.99
  4. FiftyFifty – GoPro Hero6 Dome – $49.99
  5. Switchblade – GoPro Hero6 Red Filter / Macro $69.99
  6. Macro Lens – GoPro Hero6 – $29.99
  7. StrapMount – GoPro Hero6 Backpack mounting system – $29.99
  8. Trippler – GoPro Hero6 compact grip/tripod system – $39.99
  9. Yukon Grip -compact extension grip – $29.99
  10. Denali – GoPro Hero6 case – $29.99

GoPro Hero6 Cinema Series Filter 3-Pack – $99.99


PolarPro’s Cinema Series neutral density (ND) filters act like sunglasses for your GoPro Hero6 Black.  Reducing shutter speed to achieve a more cinematic result with the fixed aperture of the Hero6 that is designed to capture fast action, neutral density filters will help you to achieve the correct exposure.  And with the Hero6 Black’s ability to shoot 240 fps at 1080p or 60 fps at 4K, you’ll want that.

PolarPro’s Hero6 ND filters will make your content look more like the movies and less like a shaky handheld action camera. (For even smoother shots, you’d be wise to get a Yukon grip).  Hero6 Cinema Series filters are made of PolarPro’s production level glass with anti-reflective (AR) multi-coatings to help reduce lens flaring with a lower refractive index and a higher light transmission than any other GoPro filters on the market.

Featuring PolarPro’s AirFrame aluminum frame technology, Cinema Series filters are precision-engineered for filming with the GoPro Karma and GoPro Karma gimbal, smoothing out your Hero6 video for vibrant cinematic content.  Cinema Series filters replace the stock GoPro Hero6 UV lens and feature water and dust resistant gaskets to protect the Hero6 lens cavity.  Replacing the stock filter means that these filters add minimal weight when using the Karma platform and ensure that you are getting the best image quality possible by shooting through a single lens element.  For cinematographers looking to drop shutter more than 5 stops, Cinema Series filters can be combined with PolarPro’s standard press-fit Karma Filters for even more light reduction. Includes a compact carrying case to keep your filters protected, organized and ready to use.

GoPro Hero6 Venture Filter 3-Pack – $49.99


The PolarPro Venture Filter 3-Pack for GoPro Hero6 Black is an excellent value for the aspiring filmmaker or content creator. This pack includes three commonly used PolarPro filters, a Polarizer, ND8 and Graduated ND8, that will help improve your video and image quality, minimizing the time you spend at your computer in post-production, so you can focus on your next adventure.

The Polarizer filter is the perfect tool for reducing glare and increasing color saturation to make your content pop and is ideal in conditions where you are content with the camera’s shutter speed but want to make the scene more vibrant.  For ease of use, the GoPro Hero6 Polarizer filter is preset to the max linear polarization angle, no adjustments required.  Simply press-fit the filter over your camera lens and you’re good to go.

The ND8 neutral density filter will help reduce the native high shutter speed of the GoPro Hero6 by 3 stops, giving your video a more natural cinematic look and smoother composition.

Lastly, the Graduated ND8 filter is used for capturing stunning sunsets or sunrises. Dark on the top and softly transitioning to clear on the bottom, the Graduated ND8 helps reduce the brightness of the sky while maintaining exposure below the horizon line, creating a more balanced exposure between the bright sky and the darker ground. The Graduated ND8 filter produces beautifully exposed cinematic compositions.

Each Venture filter press-fits over the Hero6 camera lens for easy installation and removal and include safety tethers for the unexpected. And let’s face it— when filming with an action cam, the unexpected happens, a lot.

PolarPro’s GoPro Hero6 Venture Filter 3-Pack is one of many great GoPro Hero 6 accessories for the experienced user but will also appeal to enthusiasts and novices alike.  Includes a compact carrying case to keep the filters protected and ready to use.

GoPro Hero6 Aqua Filter 3-Pack – $49.99

GoPro Hero6 Red Filter

From the casual snorkeler and free diver to the advanced scuba diver, the Aqua Filter 3-Pack for GoPro Hero6 Black includes three of PolarPro’s popular press-fit filters, each with a specific proprietary color correction formula to accurately capture vibrant underwater colors. Without color correction filters, your GoPro Hero6 footage will look discolored or washed out, often with an unnatural cyan or green color cast, as the light spectrum dissipates the deeper you dive.

Included in the Aqua Filter 3-Pack is a red filter for tropical and blue water at depths between 15-75 feet, a magenta filter for green and fresh water 15-75 feet deep, and a snorkel filter for shallow water color correction in depths 2-25 feet.  When near the surface, it is best to shoot using the Snorkel filter with the sun at your back.

The Aqua Filter 3-Pack is compatible with the Hero5/6 Super Suit only, but PolarPro also offers a shallow water Snorkel filter that can be used without the Super Suit.

A great value that’ll bring back the vibrancy of your underwater footage, don’t leave on your next aquatic jaunt without the GoPro Hero 6 Aqua Filter 3-Pack.  Includes a compact carrying case to keep your filters protected, organized and ready to use.

GoPro Hero6 Dome – FiftyFifty – $49.99

GoPro Hero6 Dome PolarPro FiftyFifty

First introduced for Hero5, PolarPro’s FiftyFifty dome lens for GoPro Hero6 pushes water away from the camera lens to capture what is under and over the water line for creative split-level photos and videos.

PolarPro’s fast-latch system allows you to quickly and securely mount your GoPro Hero6, and custom PolarPro optics ensure you achieve the highest quality image possible.

For ease of use, the Hero6 installs right into the custom camera port, Super Suit not required.  The FiftyFifty comes with a grip that helps steady your shots and will also float your camera, and a padded neoprene lens cover to protect your dome lens during transport.

What’s more, is that PolarPro offers technical support as well as an in-depth user guide and video tutorial to help perfect shooting with the FiftyFifty, including tips on FOV settings, framing techniques with a dome lens, how to avoid lens flaring, to cleaning and maintaining the lens.  In fact, PolarPro offers this same level of technical support for all of their filters and camera solutions. Capture stunning over under shots with this new GoPro Hero6 Accessory.

GoPro Hero6 Switchblade – Red Filter / Macro – $69.99

PolarPro’s Switchblade is one of the most valuable diving filters for GoPro Hero6 Black, built with over five years of R&D, and based off the previous models for the original Hero, Hero2, Hero3, Hero3+/4 and Hero5 Black.   Featuring a two-in-one macro lens and red lens system, the Switchblade6 is versatile and built to last.

A red filter provides excellent color correction in blue or tropical water from 15 to 75 feet deep, and a macro lens placed on a powerful hinge and latch system lets you switch between macro and non-macro modes while diving, even with gloves.  With a +15 diopter, the macro shifts the focus distance of Hero6 allowing it to focus up close and blur everything in the background, allowing you to capture creative close-ups of aquatic life, from fish to reef.

As with all of PolarPro’s products, the Switchblade6 is backed by PolarPro’s satisfaction guarantee.

GoPro Hero6 Macro Lens – $29.99


With a +10 diopter, PolarPro’s Macro Lens shifts the GoPro Hero6 focal range for a closer focus distance, rendering subjects between 5-12 inches away in razor sharp clarity, while blurring the foreground and background for that shallow depth-of-field look.

Perfect for capturing fine detail on small subjects such as insects, plants, geological features and artifacts, coins and a plethora of other small and curious objects, PolarPro’s Macro Lens is a powerful, creative tool to help build a project using killer shots from your new GoPro Hero6.

GoPro Hero 6 StrapMount – Backpack mount system – $29.99


The StrapMount is a useful accessory for the GoPro Hero6 as it allows you to mount your camera directly to a backpack strap for hands-free filming. The StrapMount allows you to capture epic POV shots without having to wear an uncomfortable chest harness or head strap.

The StrapMount can be mounted many other places in addition to the backpack strap; you can clamp it onto anything that is less than 1.25 inches thick. We have used the StrapMount to get POV shots from our life jackets, fishing waders, wakeboard lines, Scuba BCD’s—the possibilities are endless.  The StrapMount is a solid GoPro Hero6 Accessory everyone can use to capture epic content, whether on the trail or on the river, falling from the sky or dipping into the ocean.

GoPro Hero6 Trippler – compact grip/tripod system – $39.99

Don’t want to pick up that stale selfie stick? Try PolarPro’s Trippler: a compact tripod that is also a grip and an extension pole. The Trippler compacts nicely to fit in any purse, camera case or backpack. Simply attach your Hero6 to the included ¼-20 adjustable ball mount, plant it, and press record.

The adjustable ball mount lets you set your camera angle, making the Trippler a compact and convenient way to capture new angles other than the old  GoPro selfie stick angle. You can find the Trippler in all of PolarPro’s team bags on any given trip.  Ditch the selfie stick, grab the Trippler and your followers will thank you.

Yukon Hero6 Grip – $29.99

GoPro Hero6 Case PolarPro Denali.jpg

Compatible with GoPro Hero6, PolarPro’s Yukon is a multi-functional hand grip that enables you to capture immersive POV content. The Yukon measures only 8.5-inches when compacted down, making it very portable and easy to store.

When extended, the grip turns into a 24-inch extension pole. Yukon can be used as a grip, extension pole or follow-cam setup. When the extension arms are disconnected, the Yukon has plenty of buoyancy to float any GoPro camera, including the GoPro Hero6.

Yukon can also be mounted to any backpack or strap when used with the StrapMount. With a rugged and durable design, the Yukon Grip is backed by PolarPro’s lifetime warranty.


Denali – GoPro Travel Case – $29.99


As with all previous GoPro cameras, the awesome thing about GoPro’s new GoPro Hero6 is the availability of accessories to help personalize the way you capture photos and videos, both from GoPro and third party companies like PolarPro.

Denali, PolarPro’s GoPro Hero6 travel case, protects and organizes your Hero6 and accessories and is large enough to fit a GoPro 3-Way, Yukon Grip or Trippler, GoPro Quick Key tool, plus accessories like the StrapMount, up to 3 filter sets, cables, Hero6, a dual charger—even a GoPro Fusion. Denali’s outer nylon shell is rugged enough to be strapped to the outside of a backpack but slim enough to be stuffed inside.

Denali’s anti-slip, water resistant shell makes it easy to grab, which is especially useful in wet conditions.  And it’s not limited to just the GoPro lineup.  Its internal compartments can be configured to carry a variety of other cameras, lenses and accessories, featuring six movable dividers for a multitude of camera and accessory configurations.   A well-constructed case that will protect your Hero6 and organize your camera accessories, Denali is a PolarPro team go-to when hitting the road or keeping it local—a camera case designed for any adventure.

With PolarPro’s wide range of technical camera solutions and filters to personalize your GoPro filming experience, the new camera features of the Hero6 Black such as the ability to shoot 4K footage at 60 frames per second and GoPro’s new QuikStories video sharing service, there’s good reason to be pumped about its recent release.