February 12, 2016

DJI Phantom 3 LED Headlights / Taillights Available Now

PolarPro’s latest addition to its line of Phantom 3 Accessories is the Phantom 3 LED Light Kit. When asked about the key design features of this product, PolarPro’s design team stated, “We sought to create a light kit that works with all of the existing Phantom 3 models, that features an external, lightweight yet powerful rechargeable battery source, white LED headlights and red LED tail lights with different operating modes, and overall looks dope.”  The result of their labor is the Phantom 3 LED Light Kit, all boxed-up in sleek, PolarPro packaging.

Phantom3 LED Lights PolarPro


The Phantom 3 LED Light Kit includes two white LED headlights, and two red LED tail lights.  Each light snaps on in just seconds to the vertical sections of the Phantom 3 landing bars, so that you always know which way your drone is facing. Perfect for flying your Phantom 3 at night, or in low-visibility conditions–these bright, color coded headlights and tail lights will save you from those costly maneuvers a pilot makes when trying to fly blind in disorienting conditions.   “These lights have saved me many times at night and in low-visibility situations, where I otherwise would have lost sight and control of my drone,” says PolarPro pilot Scotty Pike.

PolarPro DJI Phantom 3 LED Lights


The quick and easy snap on/off design of these lights is ideal for filming on set or on the road, where time (and space) is of the essence, and often tight.  At only 2.5 ounces, the PolarPro LED Light Kit will  not affect the performance of your Phantom 3, nor will it weigh down your camera bag.  

DJI Phantom 3 Light


The four LED light strips are powered by a rechargeable, lithium ion battery, that is stored in the contoured battery harness, which clips on top of the Phantom 3. The design of the battery harness is contoured to follow the shape of the Phantom 3 body, so that it blends in during flight and doesn’t become a distraction for the pilot, and is aesthetically pleasing.  With such attention to detail, PolarPro’s Phantom 3 LED Light Kit hardly looks like just another third-party drone accessory.  It is extensive research, product testing and a commitment to quality that make  PolarPro’s LED Light Kit a step above the rest.  

PolarPro Phantom 3 LED Headlights


The lights feature a constant or flashing operational mode, at the flip of a switch.  In constant mode, the lights will hold a charge for 1.75 hours.  In flashing mode, the lights will hold a charge for 40 minutes.   As one of the key features of the LED Light Kit, PolarPro’s  external-battery source  prevents you from draining your Phantom 3’s battery, and quickly recharges using the provided micro usb to usb cable.  

PolarPro’s Phantom 3 LED Light Kit is compatible with all of DJI’s Phantom 3 models, including the Standard, 4K, Advanced and Professional models. Whether increasing  the visibility of your Phantom 3 drone, or creating a cool, customized look, PolarPro’s LED Light Kit is the perfect Phantom 3 drone accessory.

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