September 25, 2015

DJI Zenmuse X5 Filters for DJI Inspire 1 Pro

Newport Beach, CA- September 23, 2015- Today Polarpro, the leading drone filter manufacture announced a complete filter line specifically designed for the DJI Zenmuse X5 camera for the Inspire 1 Pro drone. The DJI Inspire 1 Pro Filters are PolarPro’s most advanced filters to date using ultra high definition glass and the most advanced multi-coating process available. The Zenmuse X5 MFT 15mm filter engineering is designed to be as lightweight as possible to ensure smooth gimbal operation.


Unlike traditional camera filters, PolarPro has developed specialty glass specifically for aerial filming with the DJI Inspire 1 Pro. Where traditionally you would need to stack multiple filters to achieve ND32 or ND16/PL ratings, PolarPro’s specialty glass enables these strengths with one single lightweight glass filter. This single glass element increases image quality by reducing the amount of glass that light must pass through. Additionally eliminating filter stacking can save up to 40 grams of weight on the Zenmse X5 gimbal, which prevents sluggish gimbal response.

Filter Zenmuse X5 Inspire 1 PolarPro Filter

“We are excited to offer such a specialized filter to help aerial cinematographers capture the most epic content possible”, said Austen Butler, Vice President at PolarPro Filters. The filter range for the Zenmuse X5 and DJI MFT 15mm Lens will be the most comprehensive range of filters offered by PolarPro from a UV filter up to an ND32PL filter. Jeff Overall, President of PolarPro says, “We are including every filter that an aerial cinematographer would want for having complete control over shutter speed and aperture in absolutely any lighting condition.”

Zenmuse X5 Filter DJI Inspire 1 Pro

The available DJI Inspire 1 Pro Filters will be:

Zenmuse-X5-PolarPro Filter

UV Filter: The UV filter is used for lens protection during flight/crashes when you do not need any aperture/shutter control. This UV filter will also cut haze and make clouds pop a bit more. Multi-Coated UHD glass for pristine optics.

CP Filter (Polarizer): The CP filter is used for reducing glare off of the ground, water, and sky. This filter is especially important while flying because shooting from an elevated perspective causes the camera to pick up a lot of reflection of the ground. The polarizer helps improve color saturation in bright scenes and also improve contrast. In addition to glare reduction the Polarizer will make the sky a deeper blue and allow clouds to pop. Multi-Coated UHD glass for pristine optics.

ND4 Filter (2-stop): The ND4 filter reduces 2 f-stops of light entering the Zenmuse X5 camera. The main use of an ND filter with the Inspire 1 Pro is for controlling shutter speed without sacrificing aperture control. The goal when shooting areal cinematography is to get shutter speed at 2 times frame rate. So if you are filming at sunset, when the Zenmuse X5 is firing at 1/240th at f5.6 and you are shooting 4K/30, you manually move shutter down to 1/60th (twice the frame rate), aperture will automatically move to f11 shifting focal range. Instead you can simply throw on the ND4 filter and keep aperture at f5.6 and achieve 1/60th shutter. Multi-Coated UDH glass for pristine optics.

ND8 Filter (3-stop): The ND8 filter reduces 3 f-stops of light. Generally speaking, trying to hold aperture at f2.8 or f5.6 the ND8 filter would be used on a cloudy to partly cloudy day to knock shutter down to 1/60th. Multi-Coated UHD glass for pristine optics.

ND16 Filter (4-Stop): The ND16 filter reduces 4 f-stops of light. Generally speaking, holding aperture at f2.8 or f5.6 this ND16 filter would be used on a mostly sunny day to get shutter speed down to 1/60th. Multi-Coated UHD glass for pristine optics.

ND32 Filter (5-Stop): The ND32 filter reduces 5 f-stops of light. Assuming an aperture of f2.8 or f5.6 this filter would be used on an extremely sunny and bright day to get shutter speed on the DJI Inspire 1 Pro down to 1/60th. Multi-Coated UHD glass for pristine optics.

ND8/PL (3-Stop Polarizer): The ND8/PL is a specialty filter made specifically for aerial filming. This filter allows you to achieve a 3-stop polarizer without stacking filters and adding excess weight to the X5 gimbal. Perfect for filming near water or locations with a lot of reflecting light. The ND8/PL makes the sky a nice deep blue and clouds to pop. Great for getting shutter to 1/60th on partly cloudy days and also reducing reflections and glare. Multi-Coated UHD glass for pristine optics.

ND16/PL (4-Stop Polarizer): The ND16/PL is a unique combo filter specifically made to reduce shutter speed and glare, without stacking filters. The ND16/PL is perfect for filming on mostly sunny days, allowing you to hold aperture at f2.8 and get a shutter speed of 1/60th. Multi-Coated UHD glass for pristine optics.

ND32/PL (5-Stop Polarizer): The ND32/PL is an industry first to give pilots 5 stops of shutter speed control as well as glare reduction, without stacking filters. This filter is used for slow shutter speed areal photography, or filming on very bright sunny days to get video shutter to 1/60th. Multi-Coated UHD glass for pristine optics.

ND8/GR: (Graduated 3 Stop): The ND8/GR is a graduated filter used mainly in difficult lighting conditions where there Is a clear horizon line. The top half of the ND8/GR reduces 3 stops of light and gradually fades to a clear bottom. This allows you to properly expose the sky, without underexposing the ground (or vise versa). This graduated filter for the DJI Zenmuse X5 allows pilots to capture stunning landscape cinematography and photography. Multi-Coated UHD resin for pristine optics.