January 16, 2018

How to Capture steady shots with your GoPro Fusion

From the reviews so far about GoPro’s new Fusion 360° camera,  you’ve probably gathered that it’s a camera sold more on the premise of the enhanced functionality GoPro promises in future firmware updates than the camera’s current performance.  But one great feature available now is that the GoPro Fusion is capable of gimbal-like stabilization.  This is good news, as there are already a handful of great stabilization mounts and accessories to help with the GoPro filming process.

One such GoPro Fusion compatible mount is the PolarPro Trippler, which has been a popular staple in PolarPro’s premium line of GoPro image capturing solutions for the last three years.  Using the PolarPro Trippler is easy, and it opens a whole new perspective for filming with the GoPro Fusion.  In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key features of the PolarPro Trippler and how you can use it to capture stable, cinematic content.

 The PolarPro Trippler is a compact, lightweight tripod and extension pole system that pairs well with the GoPro Fusion.  It even has some features that the GoPro Fusion grip doesn’t.  The Trippler extends from a compact 7.5 inches to 28 inches as a tripod or extension pole.  That’s a few inches longer than the GoPro Fusion grip extends.  Built from aluminum, glass filled nylon and rubber, the Trippler is also one of the most durable compact tripods on the market.

The PolarPro Trippler built to last a lifetime of running the gambit on long, rugged adventures.

Unlike GoPro’s Fusion Grip, PolarPro’s Trippler features a GoPro compatible mount that attaches to an adjustable ball joint head.  Using the ball joint head, you can adjust the GoPro Fusion on top of the Trippler a full 360 degrees around.  The ball joint also tilts the camera 90 degrees up or down.  This feature gives you the freedom to shoot at different angles.  The fixed GoPro Fusion mount on the  grip and other “selfie sticks,” can’t achieve this.  Both a standing tripod and an extension pole system, the PolarPro Trippler allows you to execute a creative shot list using multiple perspectives.

Use the Trippler to add stylistic flare to your GoPro Fusion project.

 Like all GoPro models before it, GoPro built the Fusion to be easy to use.  PolarPro’s Trippler makes it even easier to get steady 360° shots on the fly.  Using the GoPro Fusion’s Tiny Planet perspective in OverCapture mode, you can get a truly stable shot using the Trippler as a tripod.  On uneven terrain like a hillside, adjust the height of each tripod leg to level out the frame.

Use the Trippler as a tripod to capture immersive content

 Or, use the Trippler as an extension pole to get an over the head vantage point.  A bird’s eye view of the action adds perspective depth that rounds out your project.  And at almost any angle that you hold the Trippler, the GoPro Fusion has the ability to make the compact shaft of the Trippler disappear from view.  This feature makes the Fusion appear as if it is floating above you.



Perhaps the best thing about the PolarPro Trippler, aside from its smart features, is that it’s backed by PolarPro’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Whether you’re using the GoPro Fusion to jump out of aeroplanes, ski the backcountry, or dive into the sea, the PolarPro Trippler is the perfect tool for capturing smooth, consistent content.*  Guaranteed for a lifetime of adventure, the Trippler is made to go anywhere an action cam can.

*Please note the Fusion is only waterproof down to 16 ft/5 m.