September 09, 2014

GoPro Hero3+ Plus Filters

The Polar Pro Filters Hero3+ line has been tentatively scheduled to start Shipping Mid to Late December, depending solely on the final stages of the molding processes.

We spent a solid two months taking in feedback and redesigning this product line. After 22 revisions and prototypes we finally nailed the new design! In addition to the Hero3+ Filter Line, we also redesigned the Hero3 Filter line as we were getting a little too much breakage. Not only are these going to be our strongest filter yet, they also will see a new lower price point at $29.99. No you did not read that wrong, these will be glass filters for the GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ at only $29.99.  We are using a new higher optical grade glass on this new line and the videos from the prototypes have been extremely impressive

So what filters are we offering in this new line?

The Venture Series will include all of the above water filters:

A Polarizer, Neutral Density, and an all new GLASS macro lens which is extremely powerful!

The Aqua Series includes our Underwater Filters:

The Red, Magenta, and the all new Switchblade (more info on Switchblade Here)

The Venture FRAME2.0 Series replaces our naked filter line-For use outside of the waterproof housing with:

An all new Polarizer and Neutral Density Filer .

We are incredibly excited to get these filters into your hands, however making sure everything is up to spec quality wise before releasing them. We appreciate the patience however we guarantee these filters will be well worth the wait, and will not break the bank either.

If you have any questions on the new line feel free to shoot Austin an email at: [email protected]


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