October 02, 2016

Best Accessories for the GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session

PolarPro has developed new  GoPro Hero5 Accessories for the Black and Session cameras, that make filming easier than ever. For the last 5 years PolarPro has designed products that inspire people to get out and explore the world, and the new line of accessories for the GoPro Hero5 will do just that.


  1. StrapMount-GoPro Hero5 BackPack Mount – $29.99
  2. PowerGrip H20 – $99.99
  3. Trippler-Tripod / Grip / Pole – $39.99
  4. Denali-Compact Hero5 Case – $29.99
  5. Yukon-Hero5 Grip (mounts to StrapMount) – $29.99
  6. FiftyFifty-Hero5 Black Dome (Over/Under) – $49.99
  7. Cinema Series ND Filters – $99.99
  8. Hero5 SuperSuit Aqua Filters – $49.99


StrapMount – $29.99:



The StrapMount is a useful accessory for the GoPro Hero5 as it allows you to mount your camera directly to a backpack strap for hands free filming. The StrapMount allows you to capture epic POV shots without having to wear an uncomfortable harness. The StrapMount can be mounted many other places in addition to the backpack strap; you can clamp it onto anything that is less than 1.25 inch’s thick. We have used the StrapMount to get POV shots from our life jackets, fishing waders, wakeboard lines, and even Scuba BCD’s. The StrapMount is a solid Hero5 Accessory everyone can use to capture epic content.

PowerGrip H20 – $99.99:


The GoPro Hero5 records in very large resolutions, has a built in LCD, and super fluid WiFi connectivity. What does all this mean? It is going to burn through batteries quickly when using all of these features. We do a lot of filming with the GoPro Hero5 and got sick of carrying around 10 batteries to capture a full day of fun. Designed by our film crew the PowerGrip H20 is a powerful accessory for the Hero5, packed with a built in battery (equivalent to about 5 Hero5 batteries) the PowerGrip H20 will keep your camera charged and shooting all day. The PowerGrip H20 includes 2 extension arms that increase the length of the grip to 33 inches. The PowerGrip H20 features 2 full size USB ports which can be used to charge multiple cameras if needed. The PowerGrip H20 enables you to film all day without hot swapping batteries, making it one of our favorite GoPro Hero5 Accessories.


Triton – $199.99 : 


For you Hero5 users taking the camera down for underwater shots, the PolarPro Triton is a helpful accessory for capturing stable and perfectly lit underwater videos. The Triton tray provides a stable platform to mount one or multiple Hero5 cameras for smooth underwater filming. Built into the Triton are dual Hero5 LED Lights providing 1000 lumens of light that help bring out vibrant tropical colors on your dive. The Triton is waterproof to 99 feet for all of your underwater adventures. The Triton LED dive tray is the perfect GoPro Hero5 accessory for all the subterranean H5 users out there.

Trippler – $39.99 : 



The PolarPro team was trying to solve the problem of: how to capture content of ourselves without holding a selfie stick. What we came up with was the Trippler: a compact tripod that is also a grip, and an extension pole. The Trippler compacts nicely to fit in any purse or backpack. Simply attach your GoPro Hero5 to this accessory, plant it, and press record. The Trippler is a compact and convenient way to capture new angles other than the traditional GoPro Selfie Stick angle. You can find the Trippler in all of PolarPro’s team bags on any given trip. Ditch the selfie stick grab the Trippler, your followers will thank you.


Denali – $29.99 : 


One great thing about the GoPro Hero5 is the availability of accessories to help customize the way you capture photos and videos. When you purchase all these accessories you need somewhere to store and organize them. We came up with the Denali case to protect and organize your Hero5 and accessories. The Denali features a rugged shell with a fully customizable interior including 5 dividers. You can move the dividers around for an unlimited number of accessory configurations. The case is large enough to carry the Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session, StrapMount, 2 filter sets, the Trippler or Yukon, Extra batteries, Battery Charger and cables, SuperSuit Housing, and Quik Key. The Denali is a well-constructed GoPro Hero5 case that will protect and organize your accessories.

Yukon – $29.99 : 



Another accessory in our Hero5 line is the all-new Yukon grip. The Yukon is a rugged grip/pole that extends and stays out of the shot. The compact Yukon easily fits in your pocket, purse, or backpack and is ready to shoot when you are. The Yukon is also compatible with the StrapMount (sold separately) allowing you to mount the grip to a backpack or Scuba BCD. When the Yukon is mounted to your pack or BCD it is always in arms reach, no more digging through your bag to pull it out. The Yukon has enough buoyancy to float your GoPro Hero5 Black or Hero5 session camera in case it falls into the water.


Cinema Series Neutral Density Filters – $99.99



The PolarPro Cinema Series ND filters help reduce the Hero5 Black’s shutter speed. These filters are constructed out of a production level glass with AR multi-coatings to help reduce lens flaring. These are perfect for filming with the Karma and the Karma gimbal.

Aqua Filter 3-Pack – $49.99



The PolarPro Aqua Filter 3-Pack includes all the filters you need to capture vibrant underwater colors. Included is a red filter for tropical water, a magenta filter for green water, and a snorkel filter for shallow water. The Aqua Filter 3-Pack is compatible with the Hero5 SuperSuit.

GoPro Hero5 Dome – Fifty Fifty – $49.99

GoPro Dome PolarPro Split Level GoPro.png

The PolarPro FiftyFifty was designed so you can capture creative split-level photos and videos. The FiftyFifty pushes water away from the camera lens so it can capture what is under and over the water line. It is compatible with the GoPro Hero5 Black camera only. The latch system allows you to quickly and securely install your GoPro Hero5 from the Dome. The Dome is designed using PolarPro’s custom optics specially for the Hero5 Black.

All of the accessories listed here are designed and constructed by the PolarPro team, which means they are backed with a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions the PolarPro Support Team is here are ready to help. [email protected]

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