October 15, 2016

GoPro Karma Accessories to take your aerial filming to the next level

The new line of PolarPro GoPro Karma Accessories include powerful tools to help capture the best quality content while making the filming process easier than ever. Each GoPro Karma Accessory is custom designed by PolarPro’s pilot-engineers to make flying easier and more enjoyable. The GoPro Karma is an easy to use drone, and with the following accessories you will be capturing content like a pro.gopro-karma-accessories

GoPro Karma Filters
PolarPro’s GoPro Karma Filters are the 5th generation of filters for the GoPro camera. After 5 years of research and development, we have created our sleekest, most lightweight, and optically perfect filter to date. Each filter for the GoPro Karma securely presses onto the lens for quickly changing out or removing filters. The GoPro Karma Filter 3-Pack includes the essential filters needed to reduce the cameras shutter speed to create smooth cinematic video. Included is a 3-Stop ND filter, generally used for reducing shutter speed to the sweet spot on partly cloudy days. A 4-Stop ND filter for sunny days, and a 5-stop ND for ultra-bright days or long exposure images. For Karma pilots seeking to capture perfection, these HD glass filters are optically perfect to enhance your videos with a smooth cinematic style. For easy storage and portability each GoPro Karma Filter set includes a custom hard case.gopro-karma-backpack-by-polarpro

GoPro Karma Backpack
Yes, the Karma does include a backpack, however if you are out exploring the world, chances are you will need to carry more than just the Karma itself. PolarPro’s DroneTrekker backpack is compact enough to fit as your carry-on, yet large enough to store your Karma, remote, gimbal, DSLR camera, extra lenses, clothes, a 15 inch laptop, rain cover, extra GoPro Hero5 cameras, filters and other essential gear. The DroneTrekker is rugged enough to endure your toughest expeditions and is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. The DroneTrekker is perfect for Karma pilots to use as their go-to pack for all day filming.gopro-karma-accessories-and-filters

GoPro Karma LED Lights
Engineered to increase visibility while filming at night, these GoPro Karma LED lights allow you to see which way the Karma is oriented in low-light. Each Karma LED light securely snaps onto the arms for rapid installation and removal. To reduce the amount of wires on the aircraft each battery is built into each LED module. Snap on the LED’s to either customize the look of your drone or increase visibility. To recharge each light simply plug in the micro-usb cable, the lights will last for 1.5 hrs on constant or 2 hours while flashing.

GoPro Karma Landing Gear
The PolarPro Landing Gear for the GoPro Karma increases the aircraft stability in addition to lifting the drone an extra inch off the ground. The GoPro Karma Landing Gear securely snaps onto the Karma Legs for easy installation and removal for storage. During rough take-offs and landings, the landing gear is designed to increase stability to prevent the props from hitting the ground. The Landing Gear also raises the aircraft off the ground an additional inch, so when you come in for that hot landing on the beach, the props and motors are kept further away from the sand. The landing gear is a helpful accessory that will help protect your cherished Karma from rough landings and take-offs.gopro-karma-accessories-by-polarpro

The above GoPro Karma Accessories are guaranteed to help improve your aerial content and make your drone more enjoyable to fly. The GoPro Karma Filters will be available late October, while the Landing Gear and the LED Lights will be available late November.