September 09, 2014

New Glass Filter Line-GoPro Hero3

Polar Pro Filters is exited to launch a new Glass filter line for the GoPro Hero3 camera. After making filters for these cameras for over a year now, we have realized that glass is the absolute best material for a couple reasons:

The main reason is that glass has the sharpest optics possible. If you are trying to capture high definition video, you will not want to put an acrylic or a plastic in front of the glass lens on the GoPro Hero3.  In addition to the optics, glass is a much harder material than acrylic or plastic and is much more difficult to scratch. Your filter will most likely be exposed to sharp gear, or harsh elements and glass is one of the hardest materials to scratch.

Until now glass has been too expensive to manufacture in custom colors, however we finally have production down to manufacture custom glass colors at an inexpensive price. With the new Polar Pro glass line, you now have access to an inexpensive, professional quality filter for the GoPro Hero3.

We will be offering the glass filters in 3 different Product lines: The Naked Filter, Slim Frame, and the Macro Combo.

The Frame Filters were designed for filming with your Hero3 Camera outside of the waterproof housing. The Naked filter works with the naked Hero3, or while in the GoPro Frame housing. The filter simply pushes onto the camera lens and remains snuggly on the lens until you pull it off.

The Slim Frame filters were designed for use while the camera is still in the waterproof housing. This line was developed to be the most sleek and streamlined filter possible while filming in the waterproof housing. This filter line features our snap on design for easy installation and removal.

The Macro combo is designed primarily for scuba diving. The entire unit snaps on and off of the waterproof housing, while the macro lens swings open and closed for close up macro shots.

Whichever design you choose rest assured you are getting the absolute best quality filter on the market at the best price. Guaranteed.

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