September 09, 2014

New Glass Hero3 Red Glass/Macro Combo-The Ulitmate GoPro Dive Accessory

Polar Pro Filters is extremely excited to launch the new Red/Macro Combo filter. This combo completely changes what the GoPro camera can do. The entire unit snaps on and off the Hero3 camera with ease, while the Macro lens swings open and closed depending on how far your subject is located.

The Macro Lens was specifically engineered for the Hero3 camera lens and features +10 diopters of power. We will also have an even stronger macro compatible with the system in a couple months. The current macro allows the camera to focus on subjects all the way up to 6 inches away from the lens. Without the macro lens the Hero3 will not focus sharply on anything closer than about 12 to 15 inches away. Polar Pro Filters’ macro lens allows the camera to have razor sharp focus on subjects 6 to 12 inches away from the camera.

The red base filter is made of glass for maximum scratch resistance as well as outstanding optics. The Red Filter offers outstanding color correction for blue and tropical water. A magenta glass base filter will also be available upon request.

This new combo is the ultimate combo for Scuba Diving with your GoPro Hero3 camera, all at a price that is very affordable.