September 09, 2014

Polar Pro Introduces the ProMic, a GoPro® Specific Microphone Kit

With its sleek design and custom GoPro adaptor, ProMic packs a punch for capturing the highest quality audio to match HD video.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA—(BUSINESS WIRE)– Polar Pro (#polarpro), specializes in the manufacturing of accessories for improving your GoPro video quality, and filming experience. This product release focuses on increasing GoPro audio performance.

The internal microphones on the GoPro® cameras have continued to become better and better with each camera release. However, as professional cinematographers know, the internal microphone will never reach the capabilities of an external microphone. External microphones will always outperform internal mics in capturing crisp audio at high sound levels. The ProMic achieves just that. By capturing higher sound levels and recording high definition audio, your GoPro® videos have never sounded better.

“With so much hype surrounding the GoPro IPO, it is an exciting time to be a part of this new business category. There are a ton of emerging new products in this space,” says Jeff Overall, President of Polar Pro.

The ProMic includes a fixed right angle adapter, unlike anything else on the market, allowing you to keep the microphone stable and close to the camera for a sleek look. This keeps your filming set up small and easy to use. Internal microphones always face a problem with wind noise. It is hard to dampen the rustling sound, and impossible to correct with editing software. Polar Pro has answered this problem with a removable foam windscreen included with the ProMic that securely slides on when you need it. This is a major advantage when filming at higher-speeds or on windy days.

This GoPro microphone is compatible with the Hero2, Hero3, and Hero3+ cameras while filming with the skeleton or frame housings. It offers rugged construction for long lasting durability, with no loss to aesthetic value. If you are looking for a way to capture the best audio possible the ProMic is for you.

“The ProMic is the first of several products in the pipeline outside of the filter space,” says Vice President, Austen Butler. “We look forward to expanding the brand and offering more creative GoPro accessories and mounts.”

Whether you are filming on the slopes, the racetrack, or just your adventurous lifestyle, the ProMic ensures you capture the highest quality audio possible.

Grab a ProMic today for only $49.99 available here.

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