September 09, 2014

Snap-On Filters for GoPro Dive Housing Available Now

GoPro Hero2 Red FIlter

Polar Pro Filter’s Snap-On filters for the GoPro® Dive Housing have finally arrived. We have been developing these for some time now, thoroughly researching the proper light transmission and constructing a virtually unbreakable filter. The filters are crafted out of a high optical grade acrylic for maximum sharpness.

We are most excited about how seamless the installation and removal of this filter is. You simply snap it on and off in a matter of seconds. The sleek design also allows you to still view a portion of the LCD screen on the front of the camera. Included with the filter is a storage bag, and a tether to attach the filter to the GoPro® Dive Housing.

The Sweetest part is that these are only $29.99. These filters are guaranteed to perform just as good to better than the current competition and at only a fraction of the price. Spend the extra cash you save by buying some beers after your dive, and bragging to your friends how much better your GoPro® footage looks.

Red and Magenta Filters will be available November 1st.